WeBuzz.IM (http://webuzz.im/) and Karoo Lark (http://karoolark.com/) are two online free web instant messengers that help you chat with your friends on Google Talk, Windows Live Messenger, Yahoo! Messenger, Facebook Chat, AIM, ICQ or Jabber/XMPP. WeBuzz.IM team is dedicating to build web IM services with better security, accessibility and user experience.

You can launch Gtalk messenger by only one click with no needs to download, install or setup Gtalk client software. And this messenger works for PC or Mac, Windows or Linux.

Google Talk (also known as Gtalk, or G Talk, or Google Chat) is Google's instant communication service:

  1. Google Talk Client (Windows only, written in C or C++)
  2. Google Talk Gadget (For all modern browsers that support Flash, platform independent)
  3. Google Talk Web (Integrated with GMail, for all browsers that support JavaScript)

Here is a JavaScript clone of Google Talk Client from WeBuzz.IM, providing better user experience than the one embeded with GMail. It uses the same UI of Google Talk Desktop Client. It uses HTTP connections not XMPP connections, which means that it is firewall free or Websense free. Firewall or Websense may block you from using Gtalk/MSN by blocking certain ports, but it may never block port 80 or 443 (https port). So this web Gtalk will allow you to use your Gtalk service even if you get blocked by your company firewall.

Twin projects: web Yahoo! Messenger and web Windows Live Messenger (MSN)

WeBuzz.IM Server List

Here is our web Gtalk server list:

  1. http://webuzz.im/gtalk/ (Primary server, recommended)
  2. http://karoolark.com/#gtalk (New)
  3. http://webuzztogether.com/#gtalk (New)
  4. http://izuz.net/gtalk/ (Secondary server, if webuzz.im is not working)
  5. http://uziz.net/#gtalk (Secondary server, if izuz.net is not working)
  6. http://java2script.net/#gtalk
  7. http://java2script.com/#gtalk
  8. http://java2script.org/#gtalk
  9. http://kexmail.com/z.html#gtalk (New)
  10. http://demo.java2script.org/#gtalk (Java2Script concept demos)

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